What we have! MUST LOOK!!!

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What we have! MUST LOOK!!!

Post by jason on Thu May 29, 2008 2:56 pm

We have:
Report System
Star Mastery fix
Ludi Pq
Kerning Pq fix
Added custom NPC (Henesys)
Multi leveling added back
NPC Animation
Map chairs
FM boss warper
2x Exp card.
Ranger rollbacks fixed (thanks to JavaWizard)
Map chairs removed (bugged)
GM white chat
Guild BBS enabled
Guild ranks (all honorable rocks)
Vip tele rock now saves map (thanks NeoXRage)
Horntail reactor/death animation
skillbook seller
star seller
chair seller
Rescripted some NPCs
Temp fix for droprates
Zakum's body don't die until all arms are dead (only works at Zakum Altar)
Hex edited client
Sharenian Guild Quest (credits: Lerk)
Papulatus/Zakum doors
White Scrolls
Beholder buff
BigBang/MonsterMagnet fix
Maple TV removed
Fake bosses/Cakes removed
Scroll seller
Showa town salon
AutoBan removed
Cody job changer
Duey maxes skill
Rebirth NPC (Mr. Pickall)
Fame Npc (Coco)
Shadow Claw
Echo of Hero
Maple Messenger
MTS warps you to FM
Summoning bags
Item drop restriction
VIP teleport rocks
Anti Multileveling
Max AP 29999
*New* v55 hosted
Auto save
1st,2nd,3rd job
Friendly GM's
Beta is out!
Registration page! (
Party, Buddy, Guild
Updated 6/30/2008 :: 12:07 AM
Much Much More!
Find out ingame

*P.S. Anything you wish for me to add something else to the server, message me with the link and tell me why it would be good.*

Hamachi Network ID:AppleStoryy
Hamachi Network pass:apple

Hamachi Network ID:AppleStoryy1
Hamachi Network pass:apple

Hamachi Network ID:AppleStoryy2
Hamachi Network pass:apple

Hex edited cashshop client
F-Front: http://files.filefront.com/AppleStoryexe/;10784814
v55 client
Setup Guide:
Download Hamachi.
Install and open.
Make an account and click on the triangle with 3 dots.
Click Join Network and type in the hamachi network.(UP THERE)
Now download hex edited localhost.
Put both in your maplestory folder and check if your maplestory folder is C:\Nexon\Maplestory.
Go to
Register and play.
Trouble shooting:
Make sure the AppleStory Client is in the C:\Nexon\Maplestory folder.
Make sure you have the correct version.(55)
Thank you and have a good day.

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