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Post by jason on Sun Jun 22, 2008 7:59 pm

Zakum & Papulatus door
Instanced PQs + ZakumPQ
Kerning Pq
NPC Animations
VIP teleport rocks
Guild + BBS
Working jump quests (eg. kerning, ellinia & sleepywood)
All Sauna shop
NLC quiz test
Amoria & Hairstyles
GM talk with their chat
GM can talk while in hide
Speigleman selling scrolls (default price 2.5m)
Showa Town Hair salon
Added 5 New GM hairstyles on KIN (GMMap)
Alternative Item Randomization
Fame seller 50k each fame (coco in Henesys)
Trade button warps you to FM Entrance
Showa Town taxi (Boss Kitty)
Cody 2nd, 3rd, 4th job Advancer
Duey maxes all skills
Mr. Pickall rebirth NPC (100% working)
Spinel the Multi-Purpose Teleporter
15 GM shops
Showa Town added on Henesys taxi
BuddyList expansion (Mr. Goldstein)
Final Version Golden Slime
Horntail's Cave NPC's added
Amon and Machine Apparatus resets the reactors when leaving
All Gachapons working
NPC selling over 1000 NX Items (just choose which NPC you would like)
Added on v.2
Maple Messenger (the chat window where you can invite 2 ppl and see each other. Default key for this is `c` in GlobalMs)
All scrolls work on GMs
Added on v.3
Shadow Claw
Advanced charge
Echo of Hero
Legendary Spirit
Stance (untested)
Holy Charge (untested)
White Scrolls
Added on v.5
Cash Shop
Ludi Pq
Holy Charge (only works if it's lvl 19)
BigBang/Monster magnet added back on Cody/Duey
Added back the Cakes/fake boss

All Town MapleTV's due to high FPS
All cake monsters including Big Puff Daddy
GM Hide skill when logging in
!meso command (you can add it back if you want)
Silver slimes (you can add it back if you want)
Removed few Autobans
Fake bosses
Maple item drops
Boats, Trains, Ships removed
Shadow Shifter (causes d/c)
Big bang (causes d/c)
Monster Magnet (causes d/c)
V.4 Removes
Removed the [Boat] notices
V.5 Removes
Removed Guardian skill on duey/cody
Removed GM talk with their chat

Hurricane and Piercing Arrow
Beholder working
Meso Storage bug
Login bug
Star Mastery fixed
Fixed some typos
Fast-Attack AutoBan fixed so Archers can use Strafe & Hurricane.
Portals for Zakum, Pianus, Forest of the Priest, etc..
V.2 Fixes
Fixed some typos
Fixed Rebirth NPC
V.3 Fixes
Fixed Party/Buddy bug
Fixed Horntail's death animation
V.4 Fixes
Fixed Horntail's crystal
Fixed Horntail's missing left head
Rebirth NPC (again)
V.5 Fixes
White scrolls bug Fixed
Papu/Zakum doors fixed
Horntail cave/Reactor fixed
D/C of Bigbang/Monster Magnet fixed
Meso Storage bug fixed

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