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Gm : App Comma

Post by Comma on Sun Jun 22, 2008 9:30 am


Im made here this app because there was no app forum.

1 Are u a Experienced GM?: Yes i am and i would help this server because they need a gm.
I was on 3 server gm, i stopt playing maple a while and they doesn't want me as gm back.

2 How old are you and where do you life: Im life in holland and Im 14 years old.

3What do u gonna do if u see a hacker when u gm: I will ban him and say to the owner that i banned him.

4How long can you be on: I can be 6-7 hours a day be online.

5whats better a fun server with some hackers or a good server without hackers: A good server,=)

regards Comma=)

my IGN: Comma


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